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Since 2014, Picker’s Paradise LLC has been your destination for a humongous range of collectible items and antiques. Find a blast from your past in our assortment of memorabilia or pick up a piece of vintage décor for your home. From Coca-Cola collectables to neon signs for your favorite beer brands and even Star Wars toys, we’ve got it all! Stop by or shop online at our local store today!

Collectables, Antiques and Memorabilia

The past is alive at Picker’s Paradise LLC! A privately-owned and –curated antique store in Lufkin, TX, we’re proud to be the local destination for memorabilia, collectables and vintage décor. No matter what strikes your fancy, there’s a better-than-average chance we’ve got it! From classic Star Wars toys to more than 300 different types of cookie jars, Coca-Cola memorabilia to Matchbox cars and more, if you’re a collector, we’re the premier destination in Texas. Our collection of items expands far beyond just memorabilia and collectables too—we’re also home to vintage décor, neon signage, rare dishware and a bevy of other items. Even if you’re just browsing, we encourage you to visit us and see what treasures you might unearth.

While other antique shops in Lufkin, TX focus on one type of item—like furniture, China, toys or jewelry—we’ve created an inventory that spans a full range of items. Our goal is to be a captivating destination for anyone who loves uncovering treasures from the past. Stop in today or check us out online and see what you can find!

  • We’re home to one of the largest collection of memorabilia and antiques in the state!
  • All of the products we offer are privately-owned and –procured.
  • We’re pleased to be a member of our local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Our collection of items includes memorabilia from some of the biggest brand names in history, including Star Wars, Coca-Cola, NASCAR and various major beer brands.

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Whether you’re a collector of classic memorabilia or just someone who loves vintage style, Picker’s Paradise LLC has what you’re looking for. Stop by today!

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